Looking Back - Looking Forward


The Alberta Liberal Party volunteers are working hard behind the scenes in preparation for an exciting 2016. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to:

• The ALP held one of its largest AGMs in years that saw the election of an enthusiastic new executive. The new executive has been hard at work revitalizing every part of the party from governance to policy development. 

• The party fought a hard campaign in the Calgary-Foothills by election, necessitated by the election-night resignation of PC leader Jim Prentice. While we were sad to lose, we were proud to field an accomplished young candidate and are excited about the new members brought in to the party over the course of the campaign. 

• Two of our more popular gatherings — the Salmon Barbecue in Edmonton, and the Harvest Dinner in Calgary — were great successes. Not only were these events well attended they also proved a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the company of our fellow Liberals.

• In November Liberals from across the province came together to review, amend and improve our party’s bylaws, giving us the foundational governance document the party will need moving forward into 2016.  

• Interim leader David Swann remains one of the most respected voices in the Alberta legislature, as he continues to champion Albertans from all walks of life, the environment, and small business. 

• The government introduced legislation on improving farm safety, and laws that protect the transgender community from discrimination — two long standing Liberal policies adopted by the government. 

• Since the election, polling shows support for the Alberta Liberals is up 9%, our membership has doubled, and we were third in third quarter fundraising — double what the PCs raised! All strong indicators that the party is in fact healthier and stronger since the May election. 

The coming year will be an exciting one for the Alberta Liberals. To keep up to date, look for our quarterly electronic newsletter. In the meantime, please remember to join our Facebook page, follow us on twitter @ABLiberal and visit our website albertaliberal.com.

Best wishes of the Season, and here’s to a great New Year!

David Swann on the Paris Climate Agreement

EDMONTON, AB (December 15, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann released the following statement today regarding the Paris climate agreement:

“I was extremely heartened to finally see more than 190 countries reach consensus on a global strategy to begin addressing the massive threat posed by climate change. It is late in coming but reflects a new level of urgency and commitment particularly for our children and our children’s children.

“Canada and its provinces demonstrated real leadership and commitment through a variety of instruments, to substantially reduce our carbon emissions. I truly believe that a new era is underway where Canada will once again be a beacon to the world and Alberta will do its share.

“Indeed, our province’s poor environmental reputation is one of the key reasons why there has been so much opposition to proposed pipelines such as Keystone XL and Northern Gateway. This is a very difficult time for the oil industry but we need to demonstrate a real commitment to improving our environmental record in water use, land use and GHG emissions.

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David Swann Blog: The Legislature's Fall Session

With our first non-PC government in nearly half a century it is no surprise that this sitting of the legislature proved an eventful one.

The session began with its most important issue: the budget. Faced with trying economic times and an inherited infrastructure deficit from the failed policies of the past PC government the new government was faced with a dire challenge. They rightfully chose to move the province forward addressing our unemployment rate, shortfall of schools, and infrastructure maintenance needs with a deficit budget aimed at stimulating the economy.

However, for every NDP success this budget there was also a failure. The new debt we are taking on, while largely necessary, has not come with a debt repayment plan. Make no mistake, while harsh austerity measures would have been short sighted and harmful, a failure to implement a debt repayment plan is just as irresponsible. Furthermore, the NDP still refuse to look at all measures to ease the pressures on Alberta’s small businesses or to take a critical look at savings through the evaluation of outcomes for our public services, something that is particularly important in healthcare.

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