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You can learn about the Alberta Liberal Party’s Values and Vision HERE.

The Alberta Liberal Party differs from other political parties in Alberta through our commitment to evidence-based policy, accountable government, balance, and, most of all, putting people first.  

We put good ideas first, politics second. We’re here to make Alberta better. So when you join the Alberta Liberal Party, you’re joining a political party dedicated to doing the right thing the right way.

First, thank you for your support and your vote. Becoming a monthly donor is a great next step to take in supporting us. It provides us with a stable revenue source that lets us plan and execute our operations and get more Liberals elected. In an age where big money American style PACS boost other parties, individual donations are more critical than ever.

There are several ways you can get involved. You can become a member, a donor, or a volunteer. You can also learn about our candidate recruitment process by contacting us at [email protected]

You can make a maximum personal (not corporate or union) donation of $4243.00. The full details on donation limits and tax-deductible receipts are HERE.

The ALP develops its policies at a grassroots level. Members work together as policy groups in conjunction with expert policy committees and extensive stakeholder consultation. 

To learn more about our policy process, including how to get involved, you can contact our Policy Chair at [email protected]

The ALP is an entirely distinct entity from the federal Liberals. We represent the needs of Albertans first and foremost, which is why we value our independence.  

Are you interested in running as a candidate for the Alberta Liberals in the next election?

We would love to hear from you!

Please contact our Executive Director, Gwyneth Midgley at [email protected] for more information.