Fall 2023 Legislative Priorities

The UCP had a busy summer, damaging our renewable energy sector and putting Albertan’s pensions at risk.. Undoubtedly, this legislative session will come with more unwelcome surprises for Albertans. Our party is ready to fight against the regressive UCP agenda. We’ll be seeking solutions instead of creating problems. You can read our top priorities for the Legislative session below. 

Affordable Electricity Prices

Albertans are paying nearly twice as much as they should for electricity. Albertans face Canada's highest and fastest-growing electricity prices thanks to a broken system incentivizing economic withholding. During this session we will discuss solutions to reduce prices and make life more affordable for Albertans. 

Reducing Class Sizes

Overcrowded classrooms are the number one barrier to learning in Alberta. Despite this, the UCP and NDP both failed to prioritize meeting class size guidelines. This problem has worsened because of the need to go to online learning during the pandemic. We support scrapping class size guidelines in favour of Class Size Caps. 

These mandatory caps on class sizes and the funding to make them a reality ensure politicians stop downloading problems onto teachers and students.

Protecting Albertans’ Pensions

The CPP is a world-class fund that has consistently outperformed AIMCo’s investments. It also provides stability, safety, and mobility to Albertans. Pulling out of the plan won’t just harm Alberta but also the rest of Canada, damaging our relationship with other provinces. We continue to stand with the millions of Albertans who oppose this pension scheme. It must be stopped. 

Supporting the Most Vulnerable

Our party will continue to advocate for the most vulnerable in Alberta left behind by this government. We will fight back against AISH clawbacks and push for timely AISH payments. We will continue to support programs that help low-income Albertans face the affordability crisis. 

Mental Health 

Alberta continues to grossly underfund mental healthcare. The cascading effect of unaddressed mental health problems is leading to a greater strain on our healthcare system and a loss of economic productivity.as well as huge challenges for families. We will continue to advocate for more funding for mental health services and address the mental health challenges facing Albertans today. Prevention is key.