Our Values

Equal Opportunity

Liberals oppose both privilege and prejudice. Everyone should have as equal as possible an opportunity to participate in society, enjoy equal rights and freedoms, and shared responsibilities. 

Free Enterprise

Alberta Liberals have faith in the free enterprise system. Through it, the widest number of opportunities are provided, the greatest number of needs are satisfied, and initiative is most rewarded. Nevertheless, the market system is not perfect. The government has a role to play in preventing exploitation, protecting consumers and preserving the environment. The government also has a role to play in facilitating economic development and competition and serving public needs which the private sector cannot or will not meet. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Alberta Liberals believe that government has an obligation to manage the affairs of the province in a prudent and responsible manner. Wasteful spending threatens essential government programs such as health care and education for today's constituents, and fairness dictates that future generations not be burdened with our debts. 

Environmental Responsibility

Alberta Liberals believe that protecting the environment is essential to the long-term health of our planet and ourselves and our quality of life. Environmental policy must look beyond a traditional view of economics to reflect the cultural and spiritual importance of the environment in our lives. Responsible policy-makers must consider the environment a sacred trust 


Liberals have always been reformers. We seek to improve the system as we search for ways of improving the human condition. We are not afraid to initiate change. Without compromising our principles, our search for solutions is driven not by rigid ideology but by the question, "What is best?"