New Energy/Climate Strategy

Alberta needs a modern, visionary and balanced approach to climate and energy, but the UCP Government is letting us down. 

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As the world transitions to sustainable energy consumption, Alberta needs a champion to argue that our industry is safe, ethical and becoming more environmentally friendly every day. We need an advocate who has credibility on the international stage because they've shown their commitment to the environment at home. Unfortunately, Jason Kenney is not that champion. 

The UCP's climate change denial isn't just hurting the planet. It's hurting Alberta's oil and gas industry. Debacles like the Energy War Room, the Allan Inquiry and attacking the international community embarrassed Alberta on the international stage, hurt our industry and cost Albertans jobs. Enough is enough!

The Alberta Liberals believe we need a balanced approach to industry and climate. Alberta must show leadership on climate change to promote our oil and gas industry to a sceptical world. With the right message and leadership, we can build a prosperous and sustainable economy that meets our economic and environmental needs. 

If you share our vision for a balanced approach to climate and energy, sign here to stay informed and help us fight for a better way forward. 

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