David Khan Statement on International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is a day to raise awareness of LGBTQ2S+ rights violations and to coordinate efforts to work against discrimination.

There is no excuse, no rationale and no justification for discrimination towards members of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

May 17th was chosen because this was the day, just 28 short years ago, that the World Health Organization made the decision to remove homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases.

The world has made great strides since then. Representation for LGBTQ2S+ individuals has risen, more and more nations are legalizing same sex marriage, and there is broader understanding of LGBTQ2S+ issues.

There is still more work to do. Around the globe and here at home prejudice and persecution continue. I, and the Alberta Liberals, will never stop fighting for LGBTQ2S+ rights.

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann and Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan oppose Bill 12 calling it a bad strategy that will hurt Albertans and not move forward the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann will vote against Bill 12 Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act. 

Both MLA Swann and Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan have voiced criticism of Bill 12 previously calling it a plan that will hurt Albertans and not move the Trans Mountain Pipeline project forward.

Swann stated, “Restricting our exports is simply a bad strategy. It will cost Albertan’s jobs. It will reduce Alberta revenue. It will hurt Alberta’s Oil Patch. It will damage Alberta’s credibility. It will strain Alberta’s relations with the rest of Canada.

“This will do nothing to get the Trans Mountain Pipeline built.

“Bill 12 grants the NDP Government far too much power. Alberta’s Energy Minister will have unrestrained authority and there is no proper appeal process to challenge her decisions. This is not democratic.”

Khan stated, “Turning off the energy taps will not turn on approval for the Trans Mountain Pipeline.”

“Pushing gas prices up to $2 liter in B.C. will not get a shovel in the ground for the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Punishing British Columbians risks a backlash against Albertans.

“The NDP can’t build up the case for this project by tearing down the rest of Canada.”

Khan stated, “I stood against this strategy in March and I stand against it now. Albertans need more from their Premier than a desperate strategy that cuts off our nose to spite our face.”

Liberal MLA David Swann will vote against Bill 12 in the Alberta Legislature

Alberta Liberals say Federal Government’s Trans Mountain Pipeline blank cheque is a bad plan

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Liberal MLA David Swann have issued the following release on the Federal Finance Minister’s announcement the Federal Government would cover any losses an owner of the Trans Mountain Pipeline project may suffer because of political opposition from the B.C. government:

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals are opposed to a blank cheque. I support this pipeline but we need limits when tax payers’ dollars are involved. How much money could be lost? Government should not be backstopping private investors without any numbers. Billions of dollars could be at stake.

“The Minister also must clarify if this financial insurance extends beyond private investors and to the NDP Government of Alberta. The NDP have suggested they would consider buying the pipeline outright. Does that mean one Government is backstopping another Government with public dollars? One blank cheque following another blank cheque.”

Swann added, “Alberta taxpayers need to be protected. The Federal and Provincial Governments must ensure any public money spent is a good deal for Albertans. It can’t just be a good deal for politicians.”