A Better Choice

Rebuilding our Party

Being a Liberal hasn’t been popular in Alberta for a while now. 

We've always fought for Albertans. We've been strong on the issues. And even from the opposition we've changed Alberta for the better. 

But we need to do a better job connecting with Albertans, building our party, and bringing new people into our big tent. 

Our party is a bit like a run-down house. One with a strong foundation but in need of serious repairs.

So we’re rebuilding from the foundation. 

And the foundation is strong. It is built on three core principles:

  • Honest conversations that get results
  • Treating everyone with respect even when we disagree
  • Working hard for Albertans

We want you to be part of our rebuilding process. To have a say in the future of our party. And our province. We're inviting you to get involved by volunteering, donating, and reaching out to us with your thoughts

Key Issues

Health Care: 

Ensuring high-quality health care for everyone.  


Strengthening our economy by creating jobs and giving workers a raise. 


Investing in high-quality education for our kids. 

Cost of Living: 

Making rent, groceries, and paying the bills more affordable. 

Environmental Responsibility:

The Alberta Liberals believe in protecting nature, fighting climate change, and doing all we can to create a sustainable Alberta. 

Inclusion and Equality of Opportunity:

We're committed to addressing systemic inequalities and giving every Albertan an equal chance to succeed. 


You can find our full platform from the last election here