Our Priorities for Alberta

CALGARY, AB: Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann released the following statement at the launch of the Alberta Liberal Party Campaign 2015:

“This campaign is about building and maintaining trust with Martha and Henry’s family, the new generation of Albertans who are now driving this province.


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Dr. Swann lays out plans for campaign

 "Today Mr. Prentice made the decision to break his word to Albertans and call an unnecessary, costly and early election," said Swann. "At a time when Albertans are worried about their jobs, their children, and their communities, the premier is more interested in solidifying his grip on power than helping Albertans."



Statement by David Swann: Happy Easter and Passover

CALGARY, AB (April 3, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann has released the following statement to mark the Easter and Passover long weekend:

“On behalf of Alberta Liberals I would like to wish all those observing Easter or Passover a blessed celebration during this holy time.

"And, may all Albertans have a safe and joyous long weekend together with friends and family.

"Happy Easter and Passover!"