Alberta Liberals Announce Path to a Basic Income

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan Announces the Alberta Liberal plan towards a Basic Income.

Khan stated, ”Too many Albertans are trapped in a cycle of poverty. Alberta Liberals will free them with our plan for a Basic Income. We will give these Albertans freedom and dignity. This is not a handout. Our plan is a hand up.

“A Basic Income is a set payment, often minus 50% of any earned income. It’s provided to low-income couples or individuals. It ensures a minimum income level regardless of employment status.

“This is a bold and complex policy. Alberta Liberals want your input. We will consult with Albertans and independent experts before launching a pilot project. Then we will launch a Basic Income based on the results.

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Alberta Liberals announce bold plan for Alberta’s Fiscal Future

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces a bold plan to get Alberta’s finances back on track and grow our economy.


Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will eliminate personal income taxes for most Albertans. We will lower corporate taxes to stimulate the economy, create jobs and increase wages. We will implement a revenue-neutral sales tax. We will put Alberta’s finances back on track and grow our economy.

“Alberta Liberals will put more cash into the pockets of Albertans. We will help businesses create more jobs. We will provide more stable revenue to better plan our fiscal future and support our public services. We have a smart and effective solution.

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Alberta Liberals announce Electoral Reform Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Electoral Reform Platform.

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals will launch reforms to make Alberta’s Government work for everyone. It is not working now. We will create a more democratic system. We will ensure more Alberta voices are heard in the Legislature.

“Alberta’s “first-past-the-post” (“FPTP”) electoral system is broken. FPTP leaves over half the votes cast uncounted, reduces representation for marginalized groups, and disenfranchises voters.

“We will replace FPTP with a more democratic Mixed Member Proportional Representation System (“MMPR”). MMPR has voters cast ballots twice. They vote once for a local constituency candidate. They vote again directly for a political party. Votes for constituency candidates work similarly to our current system. The vote for political parties will elect representatives from a published list of party candidates.

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