Alberta Liberals call for ban of seclusion rooms

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following release on seclusion room reform after the NDP fail to deliver any meaningful action..

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals are calling for the ban of seclusion rooms. We take this position after the NDP Government again failed to walk the talk on regulating seclusion rooms. After months of consultation and review, it has merely maintained the status quo. The NDP has not supported affected children and parents in Alberta. This lack of responsible leadership is disappointing and insulting to all Albertans. The NDP Government is failing the most vulnerable young people in our communities by allowing the continued misuse of these rooms.

“Alberta Liberals made it clear there must be definite, province-wide, mandatory, stringent regulations on the use of seclusion rooms. We called for these rules and mandating clear reporting practices last fall. We helped concerned parents organize a demonstration on the steps of the Legislature. We put forward our recommendations. The NDP Government is tone deaf. Alberta Liberals are now taking a strong leadership position by calling for a ban.”

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Alberta Liberals issue Flag Day Statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following statement in recognition of the 55th anniversary of Flag Day in Canada.

Alberta Liberals are proud to join all Canadians in honouring our iconic flag and its shared values of diversity, inclusion, equality and freedom. Albertans can be proud that our now famous Red Maple Leaf was designed by a Calgarian. It was unanimously approved by our Parliament in Feb 1965.

“Flag Day is particularly important in 2019 amid the heated rhetoric questioning Alberta’s place in Confederation. Separatist sentiment has risen with increasing frustrations over pipelines and equalization payments. Some politicians claim we have no meaningful place in Canada. They are wrong.

“‘I share the frustrations of some Albertans but urge them to embrace positive solutions and use constructive dialogue to build a better country. Albertans have a rich history of leadership that helped to develop our nation. Albertans are an important part of Canada. That will never change.

“Canada is an ambitious nation. We are a country that is deeply committed to diversity and freedom of the individual. We have brought together unique populations, languages and cultures spread across the second largest national geography in the world.

“Albertans can build our country while still defending our provincial interests with collaborative, forward thinking. Let us honour our flag by honouring our country. Let’s live in peace, prosperity and with the promise of a bright future for all Canadians.”

Alberta Liberals react to proposed UCP Democratic Reforms

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following release on Jason Kenney democratic reform proposals.

Khan stated, “Dark money will continue to buy elections in Alberta under the UCP’s proposal. A donation limit of $30,000 only seems reasonable when you have access to over $3 million in Political Action Committee (“PAC”) donations. The UCP is clearly comfortable using massive dark money pools. That is how you buy an election. Alberta Liberals condemn this abuse of democracy. We fear Alberta voters are losing control.

“Alberta Liberal Bill 214, An Act to Regulate Political Action Committees, introduced in 2017, proposed to limit PAC donations to $4,000. It is the same limit that currently applies to political parties. We would have banned corporate and union donations. The NDP Government killed our bill and substituted weak and and ineffective third-party advertising restrictions. The UCP stood on the sidelines and let this happen. Now, we know why.

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