Alberta Liberals announce Electoral Reform Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Electoral Reform Platform.

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals will launch reforms to make Alberta’s Government work for everyone. It is not working now. We will create a more democratic system. We will ensure more Alberta voices are heard in the Legislature.

“Alberta’s “first-past-the-post” (“FPTP”) electoral system is broken. FPTP leaves over half the votes cast uncounted, reduces representation for marginalized groups, and disenfranchises voters.

“We will replace FPTP with a more democratic Mixed Member Proportional Representation System (“MMPR”). MMPR has voters cast ballots twice. They vote once for a local constituency candidate. They vote again directly for a political party. Votes for constituency candidates work similarly to our current system. The vote for political parties will elect representatives from a published list of party candidates.

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Alberta Liberals Announce Urban Municipalities Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Urban Municipalities Platform.

Khan stated, “Local Government matters. Our municipalities play an increasingly important role in the life of Albertans. But they are disrespected by higher orders of Government. Urban municipalities face unpredictable funding, cost downloading and a lack of cooperation.

“The Alberta Liberal Urban Municipalities Platform will stand up for municipalities and provide them greater autonomy. We will amend the Municipal Government Act to formally recognize municipalities and their councils. They will become  a new order of government.

“We are committed to granting new revenue-generating powers to Edmonton and Calgary. Cities and their voters will be free to make decisions on taxes and spending. They will no longer need provincial politicians to make those decisions. Local decision makers know best about local issues.

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Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan unveils Gender Equity Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces his gender equity platform.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will end gender inequality in Alberta. Our bold plan will close the gender pay gap, combat violence against women and support women’s reproductive rights. We will boost equality of opportunity. Alberta Liberals will make life better for all Alberta women.

“The data is shocking. Edmonton and Calgary have the 25th and 21st largest Gender Gaps of 26 major municipalities in Canada. Alberta has the highest gender pay gap in Canada. Canada has one of the highest pay gaps among developed nations. We will act to end this injustice.

“An Alberta Liberal Government would use Gender-Based Analysis Plus (“GBA+”) budgeting to ensure policies, programs, and funding achieve equality of opportunity.

“We will make pay equity legislation a top priority. Alberta is the only province in Canada without pay equity legislation. We will guarantee non-discrimination in employment with financial and administrative support for Human Rights Act complainants.

“We will combat violence against women. We will  increase funding to women’s shelters to address the 10% increase in shelter crisis calls over the last two years. We will enact Clare’s Law legislation allowing police to disclose criminal records for potentially abusive partners.

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