Alberta Liberal Party releases Full Policy Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan releases the Alberta Liberal Party’s Full 2019 Policy Platform.

Khan stated, “We have a plan to improve the lives of all Albertans. Our Alberta Liberal 2019 Policy Platform has strong and sensible solutions. Together, we will move Alberta forward and move Albertans towards a better life.

“Our 2019 Policy Platform lays out a path for job creation, stronger public services, sustainable finances, equality of opportunity, respectful inclusion, and protection of vulnerable Albertans.

“Our 2019 Policy Platform includes key policies we have already announced. These include capping class sizes, more resources for mental health, a basic income pilot project, regulating political action committees (“PACs”), the $80 million Back to Work Grant Fund, proportional representation electoral reform, and our pledge to eliminate income tax for two-thirds of Albertans by bringing in a revenue-neutral HST.

“Our 2019 Policy Platform also puts forward new unannounced policies. These include comprehensive justice reforms, expanded human rights, and the boldest environmental strategy of any political party in this election.

“Alberta Liberals believe that better is possible. We will deliver a better life, a better today and a better tomorrow. Let’s move Forward. Together.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan rolls out Economic Growth Strategy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Economic Growth Strategy.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will create jobs for Albertans. We will reduce Alberta’s 7.1% unemployment rate. Our plan will provide more opportunities for all Albertans.

“The Alberta Liberal Economic Growth Strategy is based on three core principles: a world-class workforce; expanding market access; and creating an investment-friendly Alberta.

“We will launch our $80 million Back to Work Grant Fund. $2,500 will be given annually per person to help 32,000 out-of-work Albertans train for new job opportunities. We will also increase by 25% the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) graduates in Alberta.

“We will work tirelessly to boost market access for our oil and gas products. We will push to approve and build the Trans Mountain Pipeline responsibly. We are demanding a progress report from the Federal Government on Indigenous consultations. We must get this process right. We will build renewed demand for an Energy East pipeline to displace foreign oil imports to eastern Canada.

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Alberta Liberals announce Mental Health and Addictions Policy

Alberta Liberal David Khan announces the bold new Alberta Liberal Strategy for Mental Health and Addictions.

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals will increase funding by 50% for mental health and addictions treatment. We will invest more than $600 million to give Albertans the care they need. We will walk the talk on one of the most important issues facing all Alberta.

“We know tens of thousands of Albertans do not have adequate mental health care. This is significantly damaging our economy, creating huge downstream healthcare costs, increasing crime and straining our justice system.

“Alberta Liberals will increase spending to 9% from 6% on mental health and addictions. We will invest $150 million in new spending immediately. We will redirect $450 million in spending over 4 years. This will make a significant improvement.

“We will use the Valuing Mental Health Report chaired by Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann to improve and expand access to mental health services. The NDP Government shelved this important document without enacting its recommendations. That is shameful. We will put these crucial recommendations into action.

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