Alberta Liberals announce long-term Environment Protection Policy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Party’s long-term plan for protecting Alberta’s environment.

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals are committed to protecting our precious environment. The ecosystem is connected to all parts of our life. We have the most comprehensive plan of any political party. We are making this a priority issue.

“We have a four-pillar plan for a more environmentally-responsible Alberta. This includes climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, taking care of nature and living sustainably.

“We have a strategy to mitigate climate-change. We will grow renewable energy, adopt a revenue-neutral carbon tax, and implement a voluntary high-polluting vehicle retirement program.

“We will create wildlife corridors, improve urban planning and adequately funding for disaster preparedness. This will help humans and wildlife adapt to the consequences of climate-change.

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Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces Renters Protection policy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan releases the Alberta Liberal Renters Protection Policy.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will protect displaced renters. We know being suddenly removed from your home is stressful. We will help with short-term financial aid.

“We will require landlords to pay $750 in relocation benefits to tenants displaced by a building disaster. Renters can use the funds to help them find temporary accommodations. We will amend the Residential Tenancies Act to ensure landlords fulfill this requirement. It will be the law.

“Kensington Manor residents here in Calgary-Mountain View were given 15 minutes’ notice to leave. It was a traumatic experience for these 125 people. They were not responsible for this emergency. But they paid the price. They suffered financial hardship. We will not let this happen again.

“The NDP have left renters behind. They have also not approved new condo regulations. They have failed to protect people in these extraordinary circumstances.

“Alberta Liberals stand with vulnerable Albertans. We will protect them in rental emergencies. We will not let them suffer financially. We will do what is right.”

Alberta Liberal Party releases Full Policy Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan releases the Alberta Liberal Party’s Full 2019 Policy Platform.

Khan stated, “We have a plan to improve the lives of all Albertans. Our Alberta Liberal 2019 Policy Platform has strong and sensible solutions. Together, we will move Alberta forward and move Albertans towards a better life.

“Our 2019 Policy Platform lays out a path for job creation, stronger public services, sustainable finances, equality of opportunity, respectful inclusion, and protection of vulnerable Albertans.

“Our 2019 Policy Platform includes key policies we have already announced. These include capping class sizes, more resources for mental health, a basic income pilot project, regulating political action committees (“PACs”), the $80 million Back to Work Grant Fund, proportional representation electoral reform, and our pledge to eliminate income tax for two-thirds of Albertans by bringing in a revenue-neutral HST.

“Our 2019 Policy Platform also puts forward new unannounced policies. These include comprehensive justice reforms, expanded human rights, and the boldest environmental strategy of any political party in this election.

“Alberta Liberals believe that better is possible. We will deliver a better life, a better today and a better tomorrow. Let’s move Forward. Together.”