President's Message

A message from Alberta Liberal Party President, Helen Mcmenamin.


The Alberta Liberal Leadership Race has begun!

Future leaders from across Alberta can now apply to become official Leadership Candidates. 

The Leadership Race will take place over the course of four months.

August 12th will be the close of nominations.

September 12th is the cut-off for membership sales, with voting occurring between September 19th and September 24th.

The result will be announced on Sunday, September 25th.

This Leadership Race is an exciting opportunity to build our party, debate ideas, discuss strategy and reach out to Albertans.

Albertans are tired of bad management and bad behaviour and they are ready for smart, sensible politics. 

They are looking for leadership they can trust to tackle the issues of today and the challenges of tomorrow. 

I am excited to see who will step forward to lead the Party into the next election.

So don't sit this one out. Get involved, talk to your friends and neighbours, and make your voice heard!