Friday Focus: Leadership Update

This week I want to discuss the Alberta Liberal Leadership Race. In case you missed it, the Race has officially launched. You can find everything you need to know, including timelines, the rules,  and how to get involved, on our website here

While the Race details are important, even more important is the need for effective, ethical leadership in Alberta. So often, I hear from Albertans who are dissatisfied with Alberta’s political landscape. They want a moderate, pragmatic party to vote for.  

As a recently signed-up supporter put it:  

“I am a parent and teacher in Alberta frustrated with politics in the province and believe there needs to be a third, middle-ground option, in the Liberal Party.”

This is a common chorus among moderate Albertans who want more thoughtful and civil politics. This Leadership Race, more than anything, is about giving Albertans like you a voice.

I encourage you to get involved. If you’re not a member, you can sign up here. If you are a member, please sign up family and friends. Make your voice heard so our next Leader can champion your values. 

In the months leading up to that, I will continue reaching out to Albertans, building the Party, and holding this reckless UCP government accountable. I will also continue to talk with you every Friday about issues that matter to our province. 

As I do my part as Interim Leader, I  ask you to do your part as well. Become a monthly donorjoin a policy committee, build your constituency association, and sign up your friends and family

Together, Alberta Liberals can make a positive difference.