Alberta Liberal Party Opens Leadership Race

Calgary, AB - June 13th, 2021: The Alberta Liberal Party begins its Leadership Race. Nominations formally opened to all interested candidates today at noon. The new Leader will take over from Interim Leader John Roggeveen, who has led the party since March 2021. 

Interim Leader John Roggeveen stated, “I am proud of the work I have accomplished building the party over the last year, and I am excited to pass the torch to a new, permanent leader. Whoever they are, I am confident they will be successful in growing the Alberta Liberal movement. After three years of failed UCP leadership, Albertans are open to an honest, level-headed, evidence-based party that supports strong public services and pro-growth economic policy.” 

Party President Helen McMenamin stated, “This is an important race for our party and our province. Albertans are tired of bad management and bad behaviour. They are looking for a principled and pragmatic alternative. This Leadership Race will be a chance to show Albertans we’re the party they are looking for.” 

The Leadership Race will take place over the course of four months. August 12th is the Close of Nominations. September 12th will be the cut-off for Membership sales, with Voting between September 19th and September 24th. The Result will be announced on Sunday, September 25th. 

The voting will be a “one member, one vote” system and entirely online. All Alberta Liberal Party members in good standing are entitled to vote and are eligible to apply to be Leadership Candidates. The full rules for the Leadership Race can be found here


For further information or to make a media request, please contact Alberta Liberal Executive Director Gwyneth Midgley. 

Media Contact: 

Gwyneth Midgely 

[email protected]

403 975 4777