Alberta Liberal Leader Throne Speech Reaction

Calgary, AB (October 30th, 2023): Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen issues the following response to the UCP’s Throne Speech:

“The UCP Throne Speech paints a rosy picture but offers little for struggling Albertans.

“They continue to blame environmental policy for skyrocketing electricity prices, but no other province has seen their electricity costs double. The blame lies squarely on the UCP’s regulatory regime encouraging economic withholding. Until they fix their mistakes, Albertans will continue to pay more.

“On education, the UCP promises to match enrollment growth with new funding. But Alberta’s education system is already underfunded by $1.2 billion. Until that funding gap is closed, Alberta students will remain left behind.

“I applaud the UCP for taking some steps to make life more affordable, but the most vulnerable are still left out. A new tax bracket won’t help the poorest Albertans. People without housing, members of the disabled community, and other Albertans are being left out in the cold by this government.

“Healthcare needs more than the UCP’s promised decentralization, but a war with AHS won’t magically reduce wait times. It requires a new focus on mental health and preventative care. And every Albertan needs to have access to a family doctor.

“The UCP promises more stable funding for municipalities to help them build essential infrastructure. But their promises will do anything but thanks to Alberta’s volatile tax structure. Tying funding to provincial revenue only straps municipalities onto the resource rollercoaster.

“This Throne speech serves the UCP’s political projects, not Albertans. Even ignoring the Alberta Pension Plan couldn’t save this Throne Speech. The speech said this was Alberta’s century. I’d agree if the UCP weren’t firmly entrenched in the previous one.”