Statement: Education Week 2021

Originally Published May 04, 2021

Alberta Liberal Interim Leader John Roggeveen issues the following statement in recognition of Education Week: 

The first school week of May marks Education Week, a time to call attention to the importance of education to Alberta and Albertans. Education has a truly transformative power. Education can create job opportunities and enrich our lives in other, non-monetary ways. The Alberta Liberal Party proudly celebrates our province's educators and their work to bring knowledge, skill, and creativity into the lives of their students. 

The Alberta Liberal Party strongly supports access to public education for both young and adult students. We will continue to advocate for much-needed improvements to the education system, including hiring more teachers, capping classroom sizes, expanding post-secondary supports, reversing post-secondary funding cuts, funding inclusive education, and rejecting the ill-conceived, backwards-looking UCP K-12 draft curriculum in favour of one developed for teachers by teachers in consultation with stakeholders. 

These are just some of our policy proposals on education. You can find more information on our 2019 platform here. We are also looking for Albertans with a passion for improving education to join our Education Policy Committee. You can apply to join  our Education Policy Committee by emailing us at [email protected] 

Education is the bedrock of a strong economy, but it is also the foundation of a strong society. We thank teachers for their tireless efforts in bringing the gift of education to us all.