Spotlight on Solutions: Seniors

Seniors helped create the prosperity we enjoy today and continue to make immeasurable contributions to society. It is imperative we take care of them. That task will grow more challenging. The number of seniors in our province will double in the next 20 years. We have to be prepared to provide top-quality services even with the challenges this will create. We need to act now to be prepared for tomorrow. 

This week’s Spotlight on Solutions highlights how we can improve the lives of seniors in Alberta and prepare for the “grey wave” that’s coming with the retirement of the baby boomer generation. Populism and partisanship won’t cut it when facing these challenges. We need levelheaded and forward-thinking policies to navigate these issues.  

Continuing Care

Long term care, home care, and assisted living are critical programs that allow seniors to live their lives with dignity. They are needed services that also keep seniors out of hospitals. This saves money, increases healthcare capacity and provides seniors with the care that best meets their needs. That is why the Alberta Liberals are committed to fully funding these programs, especially those that help seniors age in place. 

Dedicated Seniors Minister

The Alberta Liberals support the creation of a dedicated Ministry for Seniors Services. As our population ages, our healthcare system and social services will be facing unprecedented challenges. In order to address the upcoming demographic bomb of aging baby boomers, we must have a Minister dedicated full-time to both the senior issues of today and planning for the challenges of tomorrow. 

Keeping Seniors Together 

Alberta Liberals support keeping elderly spouses together. Too many couples are forced to live apart as their care needs diverge. We support policies that keep seniors living together including allowing partners to live together in long term care facilities. This includes helping LGBTQ2S+ seniors and indigenous seniors who face unique barriers in continuing care. 

Reinstate the Seniors Property Tax Assistance Program

We will discontinue the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program and reinstate the Seniors School Property Tax Assistance Program. We will tie the program more accurately to inflation and economic growth. This program will save seniors money, help them keep pace with the cost of living and provide a more direct form of assistance. 

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