Alberta Liberal Leader Calls on Premier Smith to Abandon Bizare and Destructive Sovereignty Act Plan

Calgary, AB (November 30th, 2023) - Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen issues the following statement in response to Premier Smith invoking the Sovereignty Act:

“Danielle Smith’s war with the federal government is tiresome. Invoking the Sovereignty Act does nothing to address any issues with proposed federal legislation. It only stirs up animosity and creates barriers to solutions. 

“In a theatrical attempt to show how resolute she is, Danielle Smith has escalated a premature jurisdictional disagreement on false pretenses.  Smith has set her government up as judges on federal regulations that haven’t even been finalized. This undermines the courts, the Constitution and the rule of law. No province has the power to disallow a federal law. Only our courts have that power.

“Bizarrely, Premier Smith also threatens to adopt a socialist approach and create a Crown corporation to help her cause. The self-described libertarian seems willing to abandon her supposed principles just to pull one over on the federal Liberals. 

“These tactics from Alberta’s Premier will likely only harden stances and make it more difficult to negotiate on Alberta’s behalf. Perhaps that’s her goal. Given that the Premier didn’t even raise the use of this Act in meetings with Ottawa, she apparently isn’t interested in good-faith negotiations. Instead of dealing with real problems Albertans face, Premier Smith has engaged in a political stunt to stoke anger and shore up support from Alberta separatists. 

“The rule of law isn’t just an ideal. It also has immense practical value. I’m calling on the Premier to put petty politics aside and return to the negotiating table in good faith. If she doesn’t, it  will cost Alberta talent, respect and investment.”