Spotlight on Solutions: Alberta's Future in High Tech Semiconductors

The Spotlight on Solution is a series of blogs from Alberta Liberal members who have helped shape our policy. It highlights big ideas for building a better Alberta from the Liberals who helped bring them to the forefront. 

Semiconductors are in everything from smartphones to computers to advanced medical equipment. They also represent an exciting economic opportunity for Alberta. 

Investing in semiconductor production would create both short-term construction jobs and long-term professional and science sector jobs. These skilled, high-paying jobs are exactly what Alberta needs to grow and diversify its economy. 

Canada and the U.S. have agreed to promote semiconductor supply chains to advance a cross-border semiconductor manufacturing corridor. Canada has even announced a fund of $150 million to make targeted investments in semiconductor production.

That isn't surprising, given Taiwan is the number one producer of semiconductors globally. In a world where China grows more adversarial, both our economy and our security are at risk if we continue to rely on Taiwanese semiconductors. 

Alberta can seize on growing demand by investing in semiconductor production and supply. This would help us build our economy today and prepare it for the high-tech future. 

I helped draft and pass our party position on this issue. Our policy positions often come from grassroots supporters like you and me. If you have a big idea for a better Alberta, don't hesitate to volunteer today

- Dr. Jon P Friel