Spotlight on Solutions: LGBTQ2S+ Issues

We’re shining this week’s spotlight on LGBTQ2S+ issues in recognition of Pride Month. 

While Alberta has made great strides towards equality, no amount of discrimination is tolerable in a free and fair society. The Alberta Liberals will continue to push for greater inclusion and true equality. 


Alberta Liberals were the first party in Alberta to support GSAs and introduce GSA Legislation. We support requiring GSAs in all schools where they are requested by students. We fundamentally oppose informing parents that their child has joined a GSA without their consent. The sad reality is that not all children are safe sharing that information with their parents. Children must be able to join GSAs without fear. 

Alberta Human Rights Act

The last comprehensive review of Alberta’s Human Rights Act (AHRA) was over 22 years ago. It’s time to modernize the legislation with a comprehensive review.

Too many who face discrimination are not able to pursue justice under the AHRA due to financial barriers. This undermines the very purpose of the act. To guarantee non-discrimination in employment, the Alberta government must provide financial and administrative support for complainants. 

Transgender Equality

Trans identity is valid and the discrimination faced by the trans community is unacceptable. We will work with the transgender community to combat discrimination and hate.

Too many transgender Albertans face barriers in accessing critical medical procedures. That is why the Alberta Liberals support eliminating gate-keeping and fully funding hormone treatments for transgender Albertans. 

Raising Awareness 

To combat hate Alberta must promote knowledge and awareness around LGBTQ2S+ issues and history. To help do so Alberta should update K-12 curriculum to better teach the history of LGBTQ2S+ populations in Canada and the world.


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