Spotlight on Solutions: Healthcare

Healthcare in Alberta should be everyone’s concern.  But what is the actual state of the healthcare system, and what can we do to improve it for all Albertans?  Next Monday, March 21st, the Alberta Liberal Party will be joined by healthcare expert Dr Donna Wilson for a virtual Pints and Politics where we will discuss “Alberta's Healthcare System - The Current State and Future Possibilities.” 

We hope you’ll attend this event but, in the meantime, we wanted to shine the spotlight on four key policy areas that will keep our healthcare system accessible, sustainable, and of high quality. 

Preventive Care

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; it is just less expensive to keep people healthy than to treat them when they’re sick. But successive governments have failed to make necessary investments in preventative care. That’s why the Alberta Liberals propose the creation of a preventive care task force and an immediate one hundred million dollar increase in spending on preventive care. This would lead to better health outcomes for Albertans and save money in the long run. 

Mental Health

Mental health and physical health are intertwined, yet the Alberta government continues to underspend on mental health to the tune of hundreds of millions per year. That is why the Alberta Liberals propose spending on mental health in line with recommendations from the Canada Mental Health Commission. To learn more about where we stand on the specifics of mental health policy, read our Spotlight on Solutions from last month. 

Comprehensive Care

Is healthcare truly universal when it does not cover dental, eye care, or prescription drugs? The safety and security provided by our public healthcare system should extend to all areas of health. That is why provinces and the federal government must work together to bring universal pharmacare, dental care, and eye care to all Canadians. The Government of Alberta can lead from the front on this by making these services more accessible through policies like expanding affordable, community-based programs for low-income Albertans.  

Long Term & Home Care

One of the most critical challenges of the coming years will be the strain of an ageing population on the healthcare system. Chronically ill seniors should not take up acute care hospital beds. This clogs up our acute care system, costs Albertans more, and delivers worse care for seniors. Instead, we need to expand long term care and home care in Alberta.

The Alberta Liberal approach to healthcare isn’t about hashing out the same partisan talking points. Instead, it’s about creating a more holistic and sustainable healthcare system by effectively addressing people's needs and meeting long-term challenges. 

If you want to hear more about the state of healthcare in Alberta, don’t forget to join Dr. Donna Wilson for our Virtual Pints and Politics next Monday!