Spotlight on Solutions: Energy

Alberta’s energy industry is the core of our economy. As the world changes the industry faces new challenges and new opportunities. The need for oil and gas will remain high for years to come and the world is looking for an ethical and environmentally responsible supplier. Alberta can fulfill that role while simultaneously growing its renewable energy sector. 

This week we are shining the spotlight on our energy development policies and principles. 

Oil and Gas Development Principles 

The Alberta Liberals believe that responsible, ethical and effective development of our oil and gas resources must be grounded in these 5 principles. 

  1. Support for the Oil and Gas Industry
  2. Reliable and Ethical Supply for the World
  3. Seizing Opportunity through Leadership
  4. Partnership with Indigenous Peoples
  5. Sustainable Development

Government Investment 

When it comes to investing in energy projects, be they renewable or traditional, Alberta needs to be pragmatic. There are times when smart government investments can yield large returns for taxpayers, create new jobs and generate prosperity for all. However, there is also the risk of wasted taxpayer dollars, as we saw with the recent Keystone XL boondoggle. There are no easy answers and each investment opportunity needs to be judged case by case with risk and opportunity being equally assed. 

Renewable Energy

Green initiatives such as renewable energy represent an economic opportunity for Alberta. Alternative energy sources like solar, geothermal, and wind can play a vital role in our future. 

They are also critical to the fight against climate change. 

The Alberta Liberals believe in creating the business and regulatory environment needed to allow green initiatives like renewable energy to grow and thrive. We will invest in the research that helps make these projects more economical. Alberta can become a balanced energy superpower, fulfilling the world's need for both renewable and non-renewable energy. 

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