Spotlight on Solutions: Women's Reproductive Health

This week in the Spotlight on Solutions, we discuss Women’s Reproductive Rights. The Alberta Liberals recognize and fully support a woman’s right to choose, so we want to go beyond the pro-life/choice debate and talk about accessibility. Women face too many barriers to accessing abortion, especially in rural areas. This effectively undermines their right to choose, and that is unacceptable. This week we’re focusing on improving access to abortion and improving women’s reproductive health.

Accesible Medical Abortion

Abortion induced by medication is a viable alternative to surgical abortion. The comparative ease of administration makes it an important option, especially for women outside our major cities who have a more challenging time accessing surgical abortions. Sadly, the availability of medical abortion for women is constrained in Alberta, in part from pharmacists and doctors being able to opt-out of providing it. We support expanding the availability of medical abortion. 

Combating Stigma/Sex Education Curriculum 

Despite most Albertans being pro-choice, there is still a stigma surrounding the procedure. This can lead to women not seeking out the service or feeling undue shame about doing so. We support the Alberta Government in leading a public awareness campaign to combat stigma, so no woman is afraid to reach out for help.  We also support improving the sex education curriculum to help push back against anti-abortion stigma. 

Funding Support Services

Seeking or having an abortion is often a trying emotional experience. This is particularly true for women who come from families or communities that oppose the procedure. We want to ensure all women feel comfortable, safe and supported. That’s why we support funding counselling and other support services to help women deal with the emotional difficulties of the procedure. 

Free Birth Control

We know how important birth control is to a woman’s health, freedom and happiness. That is why the Alberta Liberals believe in free birth control. Access to birth control creates significant savings in healthcare, boosts the economy and improves health outcomes for women. It’s not just a smart healthcare policy, but a shrew fiscal one. 


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