Alberta Liberal Leader calls out phony Alberta Pension Plan Report

Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen issues the following statement in response to the release of the Alberta Pension Plan Report:

“The Alberta Pension Plan (APP) Report is aiming to make Albertans’ pensions the latest target of Danielle Smith’s endless war with Ottawa and the rest of Canada. Albertans have worked hard to pay into the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and they deserve better than to have the Premier use money they will rely on to support themselves in retirement as a political football.

“This entire so-called independent report is predicated on fake numbers and false assumptions. It makes dubious promises to Albertans. Its claims of much lower payments,  much higher returns, and over half of CPP assets coming to Alberta are fanciful. It stopped just short of guaranteeing an APP would put a new vehicle in every driveway in the province.

“A truly independent study found that potential gains of an APP are quite small while exposing Albertans to significantly more risk. An APP would also harm labour mobility and make it harder to attract new workers to Alberta, damaging our economy. 

“Danielle Smith championed this issue during her leadership race then casually brushed it under the rug during the election. Now when she assumes Albertans aren’t looking she raises the issue again. The Premier is governing for the people who elected her UCP leader and not for the people of Alberta. 

“The UCP is now promising to follow up this phony report with phony consultation. The issue should have been addressed in the election. That’s what they’re for. Instead, the UCP is spending your money to pretend to listen to you. If the Premier has any interest in doing the right thing, she’ll wait four more years and consult with Albertans in a general election. 

“The CPP is world-class. An Alberta Pension Plan is a pipe dream of closet separatists that exposes Albertans to unnecessary risk. The Alberta Liberals stand with the vast majority of Albertans who oppose this plan to hijack their retirements. We call on the Premier to throw the idea on the scrap heap.”


I am inviting all Albertans who share our values to attend our 2023 AGM in Edmonton on October 14th. You can find more details here