Interim Leader John Roggeveen Slams Far Right UCP Curriculum

Originally Published March 30, 2021

Yesterday the UCP released their Draft K-6 curriculum. It is deeply troubling. It is taking us backwards. 

Educators say we’re teaching the wrong things in the wrong ways. Parents worry the curriculum is too ideological. It dances around the issue of climate change. The changes to social studies are bizarre.

The greatest failure of all, however, is the decision to cut teachers out of this process. Their expertise and experience are sorely needed to salvage this curriculum -- if it can be salvaged at all. The fingerprints of Kenney and the UCP are all over this. The document is the disastrous result of the UCP thinking they know better than educators. 

We will continue to review this curriculum and solicit feedback from parents, teachers and concerned Albertans. We want your voice heard. If you have any thoughts on this, you can share them with us at [email protected]. We also strongly encourage you to provide that same feedback directly to the government here

The Alberta Liberals will continue to raise awareness of this curriculum’s problems and amplify teachers, parents, and other stakeholders’ voices. The future of Alberta depends on getting this right.