Your Priorities are our Priorities: Fall 2021 Legislative Sitting

Alberta's Legislature will soon be sitting. Unfortunately, there won't be any Alberta Liberals there, and Alberta will be the worse for it. Albertans need a Legislature that can collaborate and take constructive steps to improve the lives of Albertans, not constant bickering. The Alberta Liberals share your priorities. This Fall, our focus will be pressing the government to listen to Albertans

Employment through Education and Training 

As the global economy adapts to climate change, more Alberta workers are vulnerable to unemployment and under-employment. Alberta should take advantage of historically low-interest rates to invest in education and retraining programs for workers in at-risk industries. 

We support creating $160 million in annual grants for out-of-work Albertans who want to pursue post-secondary studies to launch their next career and making the “Alberta Jobs Nows” programs ongoing.

COVID-19: Today and Tomorrow 

COVID-19 continues to harm lives and livelihoods due to mismanagement of the 4th wave by Jason Kenney and the UCP.  We will hold the government to account for their handling of the pandemic by demanding a third-party review of how they handled the pandemic while advocating for the necessary protections to keep Albertans safe. An all-party committee is just an exercise in political theatre. That’s what got us in this mess. Instead, we need sober, impartial and expert analysis. 

Alberta’s healthcare system will feel COVID’s impact long after we’re past the worst of infection rates. This is especially true of our mental healthcare system, as Alberta experiences an “echo pandemic” of mental health challenges. The Alberta Liberals will continue calling for the government to study and prepare for these long-term impacts. 

Protecting our Water

Water shortages in southern Alberta show just how close we are to an environmental and economic catastrophe. It’s time for Alberta to take the effects of climate change on our water supply seriously. A comprehensive review of our water management plan and an overhaul of our conservation strategy is needed. Alberta Liberals will keep lending our voice to the growing chorus of concerned Albertans who are standing up for their environment. 


Our primary focus for this Fall will be supporting parents, teachers and school board trustees in their fight against the reactionary and reckless UCP curriculum changes that threaten to take Alberta’s students backward instead of forward. However, there is a lot more work to be done to improve education in Alberta. We will continue to fight for reduced class sizes, the elimination of school fees, expanded funding for inclusive education and mental health supports in our K-12 schools and advocate against extremist changes to funding of post-secondary institutions. At this time, the last thing we need is to weaken our education systems at any level.