Leadership Update

Calgary, AB - August 15th, 2022: The Alberta Liberal Party has officially closed nominations for Leadership Candidates. As no candidates have stepped forward, the Leadership race has concluded with no permanent Leader being selected. 

Party President Helen McMenamin stated, ”As we talked with Albertans from across the province in the lead-up to the leadership race, we were encouraged by the support we saw for the Alberta Liberal Party. People believe in our message, our values and our policies. There is genuine interest in building the party and continuing our good work. 

“There were several interested candidates, but some could not make the commitment for personal reasons. Other young leaders in the party feel they need more time to learn and grow while building the party in other ways before they step into the Leadership role. 

“There is no denying this is a challenging time for our party and for politics in this province. We see signs of a brighter future for the Alberta Liberal Party. We will keep working towards that future and a better tomorrow for Albertans.”

The Alberta Liberal Board of Directors will discuss the next steps for the party in the coming days. John Roggeveen will continue as Interim Leader at this time.