Media Release: Alberta Liberal Party Leadership Update - John Roggeveen Appointed Alberta Liberal Leader

Calgary, AB - December 8th, 2022: The Alberta Liberal Party Board of Directors has appointed John Roggeveen, formerly Interim Leader, to the position of permanent Leader.

Roggeveen was appointed last night unanimously by the Alberta Liberal Party Board of Directors pursuant to the party’s bylaws. He will lead the Alberta Liberal Party in the 2023 election. 

Roggeveen is a lawyer and entrepreneur who has lived and worked in Alberta for most of his life. He is married with three adult daughters. He owns and operates a private law practice. His term as Interim Leader began in March of 2021.  

Party President Helen McMenamin stated: “We are thrilled to have John Roggeveen serving as Alberta Liberal Party Leader. His Leadership has resonated strongly with our board, our members and a growing number of Albertans. Even in this challenging and polarized political climate, I am confident we will make gains under his leadership next election.”

Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen stated, “I am excited to take on this role. Despite the obstacles, there are so many opportunities to make life better for Albertans. I’m eager to continue sharing the Alberta Liberal vision for affordability, world-class healthcare and a prosperous economy. 

“The NDP and UCP are on notice. They’ve failed to offer real solutions to Albertans but that is exactly what the Alberta Liberals will be doing in the next election.” 

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