Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen unveils jobs and economy platform

Calgary, AB (May 2nd, 2023): Today John Roggeveen released the Alberta Liberal jobs and economy platform.

Roggeveen stated, “With the UCP and NDP too busy fighting each other, they’re ignoring workers and businesses. We’ve listened and based our economic platform on the priorities of Albertans.   We are focused on creating jobs through education and training, supporting our energy industry, helping entrepreneurs succeed, and working with all Albertans to create shared prosperity.

Alberta Liberals would create a “Back to Work Grant” that would provide $160 million annually to unemployed or underemployed Albertans looking to start new careers. We would boost employment by bringing back an improved version of the “Alberta Jobs Now” program. 

“War Rooms and bluster won’t help our energy industry. The world is looking for cleaner product. That is why we are committed to working with industry to make our oil and gas products more environmentally friendly while expanding market access through pipeline creation.

“Alberta can and should be doing more to support its entrepreneurs. We’re committed to simplifying compliance procedures for small businesses, tackling Alberta’s skilled labour shortages, and strengthening the innovation economy and renewable energy sector.

“Alberta’s greatest strengths are its entrepreneurial spirit and talented workforce. We need a government that leans into that by listening to workers and businesses and providing them with the support they need. Our plan will create new jobs and give Alberta workers a raise.”