Creating Jobs and Building a Strong Economy

Alberta’s greatest strengths are its entrepreneurial spirit and talented workforce. We don’t need a government with a grandiose plan for the economy. We need one that listens to and works with businesses and workers. 

Our economic plan focuses on creating jobs through education and training, helping entrepreneurs succeed, and working with all Albertans to create shared prosperity. 

Commitment to Listen: We know its workers and business owners who grow our economy. We will listen and work collaboratively with all stakeholders in our economy to find solutions that work for everyone. 

Create the “Back to Work Grant” program: This grant program will provide $160 million annually to out-of-work and underemployed Albertans who pursue additional education or job training to find new careers and long-term financial stability.

Bring back and improve the “Alberta Jobs Now” Program: The Alberta Liberals’ improved version of this program will help employers offset the cost of hiring and training unemployed or underemployed Albertans. This will grow businesses and non-profits, create new jobs, and provide more opportunities for out-of-work Albertans. 

Helping Small Businesses: We will help small businesses by reducing bureaucracy and simplifying and streamlining compliance procedures and processes for small businesses.

Supporting Oil and Gas: War rooms and bluster can’t grow our energy industry. Alberta Liberals support expanding market access with pipelines. We will help the industry become more environmentally responsible, which will also make our products more competitive. In addition, we will help industry and workers transition toward a sustainable, lower-carbon future. 

Address the skilled Labour Shortage: Alberta Liberals have a plan to fix the skilled labour shortage to create and maintain good-paying jobs for Albertans. It includes:

    • Reducing barriers to having credentials from outside Alberta recognized, including cross-province mutual recognition of job qualifications. 
    • Making Post-Secondary education in the trades and at universities more affordable 
    • Creating a “Workforce Development Strategy” by collaborating with businesses, education institutions, and other stakeholders. 

Renewable Energy and the Innovation Economy: Alberta can take advantage of a changing global economy. We will create a framework for success for emerging industries like hydrogen, lithium, semiconductor manufacturing, and renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, and wind. We will work with industry to expand their businesses and market access.