Friday Focus: How Danielle Smith is Fueling Inflation

The latest consumer price index data is out. Alberta continues to experience some of the worst inflation in Canada. Rents are rising here the fastest. Electricity prices have doubled. Car insurance remains the most expensive in the country. And yet as costs rise, the UCP is doubling down on the policies that will make life more expensive for Albertans. 

In a time of electricity shortages so dire that Alberta has been having rolling blackouts, when private investors want to build billions of dollars in new energy generation, Danielle Smith is blocking projects because they wouldn’t profit big oil and gas firms. We need more electricity. Danielle Smith erects barriers to renewable energy projects.

In a time of a dire housing crisis where rents are rising at nearly four times the pace of wages, with federal and municipal governments desperately trying to find ways to get more homes built, Danielle Smith threatens to prevent those governments from signing deals that would get more houses built, all while having no plan of her own.  We need more housing. Danielle Smith is blocking it. 

In a clearly cynical political move, Danielle Smith added a 13-cent fuel tax on the same day as a 3-cent federal carbon tax increase. 75% of the increase in gas prices on April 1st was due to Danielle Smith. We need an end to political games. Danielle Smith is busy playing them with the wallets of Albertans.

It is time for a change. We continue to advocate for policies that genuinely address the needs of all Albertans, focusing on sustainable economic growth, social equity, and environmental responsibility. Danielle Smith doesn’t care about inflation eating your paycheque. She’s too busy fueling it.