Alberta Liberals Unveil Healthcare Platform

Calgary, AB (May 8th, 2023): Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen has unveiled the Alberta Liberal healthcare platform. 

Roggeveen stated, “Albertans are understandably worried. They can’t find a family doctor. They can’t access mental health treatment. Hospitals are overcrowded and healthcare workers are overworked. Their healthcare system is in crisis, its cracks exposed by the pandemic.

“The UCP has worsened this situation with their mishandling of the pandemic. The NDP simply maintained the status quo of a strained system when they were in power. Albertans deserve a better choice than their failed policies.

“Our plan would attract more doctors to practice family medicine by providing funding and support to ease the administrative burdens on primary care physicians. We will help doctors spend more time with their patients and less time with spreadsheets. We will also better integrate specialists into the primary care system to improve care and ease the strain on family doctors. We support multidisciplinary clinics that can deliver better health outcomes at lower costs.  

“Mental health and preventative care have been underfunded in our province. This has a ripple effect on our system where Albertans develop more serious, and more costly, health problems down the line. We would invest $600 million annually into mental health and addictions and $100 million more into preventative care.

“Alberta Liberals would further innovate the healthcare system by expanding the role of nurse practitioners and fully utilize their talents and education. We will meet the challenges of an aging population by making investments in homecare and long-term care. 

“We are listening to Albertans. We know their healthcare needs have not been addressed by the big two parties. We will continue to offer a better choice.”