Friday Focus: They’re Coming for Abortion Rights

Premier Smith taking control of care regimes for young Albertans is appalling. Not only is this a reversal of LGBTQ2S+ rights, it means medically approved treatments will be denied to young people who need them.

This attack on vulnerable young Albertans by the UCP has emboldened social conservatives.  Organized and well-funded attacks on hard-won rights are appearing under the guise of “parental rights”. What was unthinkable even a few years ago about restricting abortion rights is again in play.

Reduced and restricted access to sex education was included in Smith’s announcement. This week a survey was circulated asking whether parents should be able to force pregnant girls to become mothers. 

Our position on this is clear: A woman’s right to choose is hers. Hers alone. No one else's. No matter what. 

Alberta already has the fewest abortion clinics per woman. There are none outside Calgary and Edmonton. Many pharmacies in Alberta refuse to carry medical abortion pills, if you can even find a doctor to prescribe them. Far from being an easily accessed right, abortion is already precarious. We must not slide further. 

The Alberta Liberals are committed to tearing down barriers and ensuring all women have full access to all services, including abortion. We also endorse free and accessible birth control. Access to birth control creates significant savings in healthcare and improves health outcomes for women.