Friday Focus: The Worst Inflation in Canada

The numbers are in. Albertans are now experiencing the worst inflation in our country. Costs rose 4.2% this year in Alberta compared to 2.8% for the rest of Canada.

One of the main drivers of this surge is electricity costs rising 120% this last year. Despite this, the UCP has rejected plans for $14 billion in new private-sector investments in renewable energy.

Rents were another shocker, rising 15% in Calgary and 17% in Edmonton over the past year. These were again the highest among major cities in Canada. A lack of a serious initiative to build more affordable housing means it could easily be the same or worse next year.

Albertans have always paid a lot for car insurance, but the median cost here is over $3000 a year. A typical Canadian pays closer to $2000.

Danielle Smith can blame the federal government, but these are unique-to-Alberta cost of living increases. Perhaps she should have some hard conversations with Minister Nathan Neudorf, minister for both affordability and utilities.

As the Alberta Liberal Party, we are committed to advocating for change. We believe in investing in low-cost renewable energy, promoting affordable housing initiatives, and implementing policies that will provide relief to Albertans facing financial pressures.