Friday Focus: Alberta's Expensive and Fragile Electricity System

Last week Alberta had not one but two days of rolling blackouts due to grid alerts. Of course, Premier Danielle Smith blamed it on the renewable energy industry she seems determined to shut down, even though Alberta has been a leader in Canada in renewable energy projects. The renewable energy industry isn’t the culprit. Conservative ideology is.

Alberta’s electricity system (largely privatized under the Klein conservatives) now has Albertans paying the highest electricity rates in Canada.

The United Conservative Party has prevented more low-cost electricity generation, standing in the way of billions of dollars in private sector renewable energy projects that could augment electricity supply and provide sustainable and affordable electricity for our province.

Investors want to build billions of dollars of new power generation and in a time of electricity shortages and high prices, Danielle Smith is making it difficult, if not impossible.

It's time for a change. The Alberta Liberal Party is committed to finding the best solutions and ensuring a reliable and cost-effective electricity supply for all Albertans. We need a government that prioritizes the well-being of its citizens and embraces the potential of renewable energy. We need a government that will get electricity costs under control. 

In the meantime, May and June are the times when prices are lowest and fixed price contracts can be locked in by many consumers, to avoid the ups and downs of the Regulated Rate Option that has made electricity costs skyrocket for many Albertans. 

Alberta’s Utilities Consumer Advocate service (located online at has a cost-comparison tool that can help. But be careful, as there are often delivery charges and deferred rate changes. Make sure to look at the total cost.