Friday Focus: The historic disaster that was Danielle Smith's first week in the Legislature.

The Friday Focus is a weekly Blog Post from Interim Leader John Roggeveen 

Danielle Smith’s first week in the legislature has passed. It certainly was historic. But not in a good way.  

The sole bill introduced was the  “Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act.” The only thing longer than the bill’s name is the list of problems with it. 

Here are the three biggest problems with the Act:

  1. It drives away investment: One thing investors need is stability. By threatening to overwrite federal laws on a whim Danielle Smith will see investors looking elsewhere, delivering a serious blow to Alberta’s economy. 
  2. It harms Canada: Danielle Smith’s new legislation seems designed to keep Alberta locked in a perpetual war with Canada over every petty grievance. Alberta can and should stand up for itself when needed. However, this Act is costly political theatre to distract from her government’s disastrous record.
  3. It threatens democracy: On top of everything else this Act is a blatant power grab. The bill gives the Cabinet unprecedented power to rewrite laws and bypass the legislature. In Danielle Smith’s Alberta, she and her handpicked loyalists rule by executive decree, with no accountability to the legislature or Albertans. 

As Liberals, we must fight back against this unprecedented attack on our country, our legislature and our economy. That’s why I’m asking you to make a donation today

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