Alberta Liberals Fight for Public Healthcare

Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen issues the following statement in support of public healthcare:

“Our party supports universal public healthcare and opposes any attempts to create a system where access to healthcare depends on the size of your bank account. Membership fee clinics are eroding the public health system that has saved countless lives and contributes immeasurably to Canada’s strong economy. 

"It’s time Alberta’s government flexes its muscle and exercises its constitutional jurisdiction instead of sitting back and only looking to see if the federal government’s Canada Health Act hasn’t been violated. They need to stand up for Albertans, especially the vulnerable.

“Passively directing Alberta Health to look into one clinic, with a promise to make sure it is not doing anything illegal, is not enough. The Premier and the Health Minister must stay true to their mandate letter and election promise. They need to protect public healthcare by proactively putting an end to membership fee clinics. Both those that operate outside the Canada Health Act and those that skirt the edges of it. 

“They also need to take steps to ensure medical clinics have the resources they need so they don’t feel pressured to start charging fees like this. That includes more administrative support for medical clinics and protection against price gouging on rent.

“I’ve made it clear where the Alberta Liberals stand on public health. It’s time for the UCP to do the same.”