The Friday Focus: Running in the Wrong Direction

Renewable Energy: Investment, Jobs, and More

The Friday Focus is a weekly blog post from Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen. It covers some of the major topics in Alberta Politics each week. 

The UCP’s moratorium on renewable energy development could cost the province $33 billion in investment and 24,000 full-time jobs. You probably already knew that. But did you also know it will also be devastating for municipal governments? 

As the UCP offloads problems onto municipalities, they are also hurting their tax bases. Municipalities stand to lose up to $263 million in tax revenue from the moratorium. This is particularly devastating for rural municipalities like Forty Mile, Pincher Creek, and Vulcan County. The UCP isn’t just costing jobs with this disastrous policy. They are effectively cutting much-needed municipal services. 

Where There’s Smoke (and Mirrors), There’s a Fire(Wall)

Innovative Research Group issued a scathing criticism of the Alberta Pension Plan consultation. The paper found the process “fundamentally fails to meet its objectives to effectively consult the public.” This confirms what we already knew: the UCP doesn’t care what Albertans think. This is about attacking Ottawa and Canadians, and trying to create a wall around Alberta. 

Over the last ten years, the CPP averaged 10% percent annual returns, well above the 7.2% yearly gains posted by the Alberta Investment Management Corp (AIMCo). We all need to raise our voices and say no to Danielle Smith’s lose-lose pension diversion scheme. 

Hiding From the Facts on COVID

COVID-19 hospitalizations have doubled in the last month, reaching over 900. Meanwhile, pharmacists are canceling appointments because of vaccination supply shortages. Not that you would learn either of these things from our UCP government. 

They haven't made hospitalization data public for months and the Health Minister refuses to comment on vaccination shortages. Just when Albertans need their government to be straight with them on COVID, the UCP stays silent.

The UCP government is running from Alberta’s problems while creating new ones. We need to face our challenges and find solutions instead. That's why I’m fighting for more renewable energy jobs, stable tax bases, the Canada Pension Plan, and accessible public healthcare. 

It is less than 5 months since the election of the UCP, and we are already heading for disaster. We must grow our party and show Albertans a better way. 

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