Friday Focus: Easter Message

This Easter weekend, I hope we can all take a break from the partisan drama of Alberta politics to enjoy some time with friends and family. So whether you’re celebrating Easter alongside me, observing Passover or Ramadan, or simply enjoying time with the people close to you, on behalf of the Alberta Liberals, I want to wish you a relaxing and reinvigorating long weekend. 

While I’ll be relishing some much-needed rest on the weekend, I’ll be back to work building our party on Tuesday. Spring is a time of renewal, and I’m excited about the progress we continue to make leading into our Leadership Race this year. 

Alberta politics is fundamentally out of balance right now. Personalities matter more than policies. Politics more than people. Polls more than purpose. That’s why the Alberta Liberal Party is needed. Our party will continue working towards electoral success and a healthy political climate. I hope you’ll work with me towards that goal.