Friday Focus: NDP's Political Games

The Friday Focus is a weekly blog post from Interim Leader John Roggeveen. It covers some of the pressing political issues of the week. 


"It's a fantasy - we're not going to get there." 


That’s what Rachel Notley said about the federal Liberal government's plan to combat climate change and cut emissions in the oil and gas sector by 42% by 2030. In a decade where we must act to save our future, Rachel Notley is only looking forward to the next election. 

Why is Rachel Notley attacking a credible plan that meets our climate change goals? Why is she undermining an environmental plan even industry says is achievable? Two words: political opportunism. Rachel Notley is praying on the economic anxieties of Albertans. She’s leveraging anti-federal sentiment stirred up by Jason Kenney and the Conservatives.  This isn’t the first time Notley has taken a page out of Kenney’s playbook. She used these tactics when she introduced her combative, unCanadian and unconstitutional “turn-off-the-taps” legislation.

The federal Liberal plan is a sound one. It is good for our environment. It is good for our economy. It is good for Alberta’s workers and jobs. Real leaders would support this plan, not tear it down to bring their approval ratings up.