Friday Focus: Doing Democracy Right

The Friday Focus is a weekly blog post from Interim Leader John Roggeveen. It covers some of the pressing political issues of the week. 

This last week in Alberta politics has been pitiful, dominated by stories of political malfeasance and the dirty politics of Jason Kenney and the UCP.  Unfortunately, this has become all too familiar.

In sharp contrast, I look federally and see politics done right.  I see Prime Minister Trudeau reach across the aisle and find a way to work with another party in the best interest of Canadians.  Now Parliament can continue to work on important endeavours, like affordable housing, universal pharmacare and combating climate change. 

Politicians striving towards the common good of Canadians despite their differences is how democracy is supposed to work.  However, this is only possible in a multi-party democracy.  In Alberta, just like we’ve seen in the United States, we see how two-party systems become hyperpartisan political battlefields.  Politicians stop focusing on the good and only focus on the “enemy.” 

I don’t want that to be Alberta’s future.  I want us to have a vibrant legislature filled with diverse opinions, respectful debate and cooperation towards common goals.  So it is vital to get Alberta Liberal MLAs elected to the Legislature.  It’s not just about us and our vision.  It’s about the health of our democracy.  It’s also about bringing decency, debate and understanding back to the Alberta Legislature. 

Winning back seats is no easy task.  But, we have to work together to make that happen.  The Alberta Liberal Party needs your donation so our party will be stronger and able to bring positive politics–Liberal politics–back to our Legislature.

Please donate today if you want to see civil and constructive politics in Alberta again.