Friday Focus: Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche By-Election Announcement

This Friday, I’m focusing on our candidate for the Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche By-Election, Abdulhakim Hussein.

I am proud to have such a committed individual step up to champion Liberal values and policies in Fort McMurray. 

Abdul has lived and worked in Fort McMurray since 2009. He immigrated to Canada with his family in 1989. His parents instilled in him a sense of duty and public service at a young age. It’s why he’s always been a passionate volunteer in his community and why he’s running for public office now. Abdul is a husband father and just recently became a proud grandfather. 

Abdul knows how important good-paying jobs are to the families in Fort McMurray. He also understands the critical role our public services, such as healthcare and education, play in creating prosperity and opportunity for Albertans.  He lived through the recent Fort McMurray fire and floods and is focused on rebuilding the city. 

Abdul will fight for affordable housing, a clean environment, good public schools, and accessible healthcare. He is deeply committed to ensuring youth have the support they need to succeed and achieve their dreams. He believes in a better Alberta and knows Liberal values and policies can help get us there. 

It is so important that we have a person of character like Abdul running for us in this by-election. Choice is at the heart of our democratic system. Abdul has stepped up to ensure Albertans can choose a principled, pragmatic and positive vision for Alberta. 

It’s no secret that this by-election will be a tough fight. Brian Jean is looking to settle old scores. Other parties are looking to create a momentum narrative. But Abdul is looking out for people, and I’m looking to you to help him out. 

With your support, I know the Alberta Liberals can make an impact in this by-election. Click here to donate to Abdul’s campaign.