Friday Focus: Our Oil and Gas Sector

As the world faces a global energy crisis, I want to reaffirm the Alberta Liberals' stance on Alberta’s oil and gas industry. 

Support for the Oil and Gas Industry:

Alberta Liberals recognize the importance of the oil and gas industry to our economy and its vital role in our province’s prosperity. The Alberta Liberals are committed to ensuring Alberta does all it can to meet global demand for stable petroleum supplies produced by an industry that recognizes and respects high ethical standards.

Reliable and Ethical Supply for the World:

Even as the world transitions to a broader array of energy sources, Alberta's oil and gas reserves will be needed for decades to come. 

Ethical resource development can demand no less. High ethical standards are also liberal values. This includes respecting labour rights and ensuring Albertans share in the prosperity created by the oil and gas industry. 

Seizing Opportunity through Leadership: 

In less than a month, the world’s oil and gas paradigm has changed dramatically and will continue to evolve in the coming years.

Even when the current global conflict stabilizes, many nations will no longer take their dependence on oil and gas or the importance of reliable supplies for granted. 

The Alberta Liberals believe that new opportunities are presenting themselves for Alberta’s oil and gas industry, and we can only seize them through strong governance in line with liberal values.

The Alberta government must work with industry to expand our market access and make sensible and sustainable investments in the sector for long-term economic prosperity.

Partnership with Indigenous Peoples: 

The development of our oil and gas resources and the creation of new infrastructure must be done in partnership with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. They must be thoroughly consulted, our treaty obligations must be met, and Indigenous People must have fair opportunities to share in the prosperity we create together. 

Sustainable Development: 

Alberta must continue to work to ensure the environmental sustainability of our oil and gas sector. 

We must never sacrifice the long-term well-being of Alberta’s natural environment and fragile ecosystems, our commitments in the fight against climate change, or the pursuit of a sustainable future. We must continually improve production methods and work toward an environmentally sound oil and gas industry. 

More than ever, the Alberta Liberal's forward-thinking approach to oil and gas development is what the world needs.

If you agree, I hope you’ll donate to our candidate in Fort-McMurray-Lac La Biche. 

Abdulhakim Hussein is fighting to represent our Liberal principles, and he needs your support.

You can donate to his campaign and help him with his final push before election day next Tuesday.