Friday Focus: The Alberta Liberal Party - A Place for Leaders

For this week’s Friday Focus, let’s talk about the people Alberta politics is leaving behind. The pragmatic Albertans who want results, not extremes. Respectful Albertans turned off by adversarial political theatre. Albertans who are so disillusioned by Alberta politics they have disengaged. These people deserve a political home, as do the thousands of Albertans supporting the  UCP or the NDP out of desperation instead of inspiration. 

The UCP wants a government so small that we all get run over by corporate interests. The NDP is focused on special interest groups and short-term political gain. Neither party is planning for the opportunities or the crises on Alberta’s horizon. 

The Alberta Liberals have a different approach to politics. We still believe in respectful dialogue and learning from those you disagree with. We know you have to bring all sides to the table and find collaborative solutions. We aren’t afraid to talk about the tough issues, even when it isn’t politically convenient. There’s just one problem. 

We need to get back in the Legislature. 

We have the right values and policies, but we have a lot of hard, on-the-ground political work to do. We need to get better at organizing, raising money and reaching out to Albertans. That’s going to take leaders. Plural, not singular. Even though we have a leadership race on the horizon, there’s no one person out there who can turn our party around on their own.

That’s why I’m asking you to step up. 

You are one of the Leaders we need to help rebuild this party. I need your voice at the table, and that starts at our virtual Annual General Meeting on December 4th. I want you to have your say in the future direction of our party.

Alberta politics is broken. Together, we can fix it. Help us give a voice to Albertans who can’t be heard over the bickering and pandering. Help us bring solutions instead of theatrics to the table. 

Join the Alberta Liberal Party today and attend our AGM. Then, let’s get to work. 

Full details on the 2021 AGM can be found here. Memberships must be purchased or renewed by 11:59 PM Saturday, November 27th.