Equality and Inclusion

Alberta Liberals believe in equal opportunity for all. We want every Albertan to have the chance to share in our province’s prosperity and contribute to its greatness. We’re committed to making Alberta a more equitable and just province for all. 

Gender-Based Analysis Plus Budgeting (GBA+):  Alberta Liberals would enact budgets that examine and assess their impacts on women and minorities to ensure policies, programs, initiatives, and funding support equality of opportunity.

A Respectful Relationship with First Nations: An Alberta Liberal government would respect First Nations’ Treaty rights and negotiate resource-sharing agreements with First Nations in advance of negotiated Treaty land entitlement agreements. We support mandatory training for all civil/public servants and funding the start-up of new regional Indigenous child protection offices, to be organized by, gifted to, and run by First Nations in Alberta. 

Affordable Childcare: Alberta needs affordable and universal childcare to close the unpaid labour gap and create more economic opportunities for women. We fully support the Federal Government’s $10-per-day affordable childcare plan and believe that the Alberta government should have used some of its recent budget surplus to move the childcare plan forward more quickly.

Pay Equity Legislation: The Alberta Liberals believe in Pay Equity Legislation that requires companies to prove they pay men and women equally. Canada has the most significant gender pay gap among OECD Nations, and Alberta has the largest gap in Canada because we’re the only province without pay equity legislation.

Reproductive Rights: We are committed to tearing down barriers and making sure all women have full access to abortion. Alberta Liberals also endorse free and accessible birth control. Access to birth control creates significant savings in healthcare, boosts the economy, and improves health outcomes for women.

Alberta Human Rights Act: The last comprehensive review of Alberta’s Human Rights Act was over 22 years ago. It’s time to modernize the legislation with a comprehensive review.

Transgender Equality: We recognize both the validity of trans identity and the discrimination faced by the trans community. We are committed to fighting transphobia, fully funding HRT and making treatments more accessible for trans Albertans.

Associate Minister of Disability:  The Alberta Liberals will create an Associate Minister of Disability. They will be tasked with finding ways to make Alberta more inclusive and accessible for Albertans with disabilities.

Ending AISH Clawbacks: We support putting an end to clawbacks on AISH. Albertans with disabilities often have their social assistance from federal programs clawed back. We will explore options for putting an end to this practice or, if necessary, increase AISH payments to compensate.