Equality and Inclusion

Alberta Liberals believe in equal opportunity for all. However, to work towards the promise of equal opportunity, we need to address the inequalities faced by marginalized groups with vigour, honesty and humility. 

Gender-Based Analysis Plus Budgeting (GBA+).

Alberta Liberals would enact budgets that examine and assess their impacts on women and minorities to ensure policies, programs, initiatives, and funding support the goal of equality of opportunity for all.

Alberta Liberals believe reconciliation with Indigenous peoples must be a sincere and conscious goal present in all aspects of government and society. Accordingly, our policies aim to build relationships of respect with Indigenous peoples, address current issues and recognize historical harms. 

A Respectful Relationship with First Nations.

An Alberta Liberal government would commit to respecting First Nations’ Treaty rights. We would negotiate resource-sharing agreements with First Nations in advance of negotiated Treaty land entitlement agreements. We support mandatory training for all civil/public servants in consultation with First Nations and Indigenous authorities.

We believe that the curriculum must accurately explain the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada and the injustices of the residential school system. Therefore, we support funding  Indigenous language school immersion programs so more Indigenous Albertans can retain their language heritage. 

We support funding the start-up of new regional Indigenous child protection offices, to be organized by, gifted to and run by First Nations in Alberta. This bold strategy will help ensure Indigenous children are cared for by their communities and organizations controlled by them and stay connected to their communities and way of life. 

Affordable Childcare.

Albertans must have access to universal, affordable, accessible, and high-quality childcare. Affordable childcare is critical to creating equality of opportunity for women, creating economic growth and providing children with the benefits of early childcare learning. 

The federal government has announced a commitment of $30 billion to build a universal childcare system. We fully support working with the federal government to implement a universal child care system. 

Pay Equity Legislation.

The Alberta Liberals believe in Pay Equity Legislation that requires companies to prove they pay men and women equally. Canada has the most significant gender pay gap among OECD Nations, and Alberta has the largest gap in Canada. Unfortunately, we’re also the only province without pay equity legislation.

Women’s Shelters.

The Alberta Liberals support increased funding for women’s shelters. Over half of women who enter shelters face “severe” or “extreme” danger. We must do all we can to protect them. We also recognize the unique difficulties in protecting women from domestic abuse in remote and rural areas. We will work with experts and local law enforcement to provide more specialized supports for these women. 

Reproductive Rights.

Abortion procedures must be made more available in rural communities in particular. We are committed to making sure all women have full access to abortion

Alberta Liberals also endorse free birth control and making it accessible to all people. We know how important birth control is to a woman’s health, freedom and happiness. Access to birth control creates significant savings in healthcare, boosts the economy and improves health outcomes for women. 

Alberta Human Rights Act.

The last comprehensive review of Alberta’s Human Rights Act was over 22 years ago. It’s time to modernize the legislation with a comprehensive review.

Too many who face discrimination are not able to pursue justice under the AHRA due to financial barriers. This undermines the very purpose of the act. To guarantee non-discrimination in employment, the Alberta government must provide financial and administrative support for complainants. 

Combating Systemic Racism.

Racism is a systemic issue in Alberta that undermines the Canadian promise of freedom and equality of opportunity. We support ending systemic racism through:

  • The complete banning of carding. 
  • A substantial overhaul of policing in Alberta
  • Repealing the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act
  • Mandating diversity on government boards and agencies
  • Amending the Jury Act to make juries more diverse and representative of the community.
  • Listening to affected communities and implementing their advice in advancing the cause of equality. 

Transgender Equality.

We recognize both the validity of trans identity and the discrimination faced by the trans community. Therefore, we are committed to funding medical procedures for transgender Albertans. This includes eliminating gate-keeping and fully funding hormone treatments for transwomen. In addition, we will work to end discrimination against trans Albertans. 

Associate Minister of Disability.

The Alberta Liberals will create an Associate Minister of Disability. They will be tasked with finding ways to make Alberta more inclusive and more accessible for Albertans with disabilities.