Media Release: Alberta Liberal Leader Issues Election Result Statement

Calgary, AB (May 29, 2023): Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen issues the following statement reacting to the UCP election victory:

“I want to congratulate Premier Smith. The people of Alberta have seen fit to award the UCP another four years to govern. I respect the wisdom of the electorate and hope this new government serves Albertans well. 

“Alberta Liberals will not just be hoping, however. We will be holding the government, and the official opposition, to account. And we will continue the hard work of rebuilding alongside the Albertans who have joined our party over the course of this campaign. 

“For us tomorrow isn’t the day after the election. It’s the first day in the next phase of our rebuild. And Alberta Liberals are ready to get to work. 

“We will continue to focus on creating jobs, making life more affordable, improving education, and fixing the healthcare crisis. We will work constructively with the government to offer solutions. And we will hold them accountable when necessary. 

“In this campaign, we set out to give Albertans the better choice they deserve. That goal doesn’t change tomorrow. Or the day after that. 

“Join us in our rebuild and let’s give Albertans something to vote for, instead of against, next election–to secure for all Albertans a better, more prosperous, future.”