Alberta Liberals Unveil Complete Election Platform

Calgary, AB (May 23rd, 2023): John Roggeveen has released the full Alberta Liberal platform.

John Roggeveen stated, “We’ve already released our plan for our four priority areas: jobs, affordability, healthcare, and education. Today we release our complete platform.

“Our vision for Alberta isn’t based on party politics or rigid ideology. As part of our party rebuild we’ve stopped putting together grand policy schemes. Instead, we took the time to listen to Albertans and build a platform to meet their needs.

“Our environment platform proves you don’t have to choose between the environment and the economy. Just like Albertans don’t have to choose between the UCP and NDP. It would protect our water supply, preserve biodiversity, and bring our carbon emissions without harming our energy industry.

“Albertans value diversity and equality of opportunity. That is why our equality and inclusion policies would give every Albertan the chance to participate in Alberta’s success and prosperity.

“Our justice platform focuses on keeping Albertans safe, addressing the root social causes of crime, and reducing ballooning courtroom wait times. It takes a balanced evidence-based approach to crime.

“Last but not least, we have a vision for improving government in Alberta. We are committed to empowering municipalities and reforming our electoral system through proportional representation.

“Alberta deserves better than what the UCP and NDP are offering. Our platform shows the good we can do in Alberta if we ignore the polarization and focus on what matters to Albertans.”

The entire Alberta Liberal Platform can be found here.