Alberta Liberal Education Priorities

“Education is our future. It is the engine of our economy, the key to equality of opportunity, and the foundation for our children’s future. Its importance can’t be stressed enough. Unless you're the UCP.

“Teachers are dealing with increasingly complex and overcrowded classrooms. Instead of helping them the UCP is busy killing Alberta’s renewable energy industry and waging an endless political war with Ottawa. 

“Education may not be a priority for the UCP, it is for us. Here is our plan to give teachers the tools they need and children the future they deserve.”

-Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen 

Small Class Sizes… Finally!

The number one complaint among teachers, parents, and students is overcrowded classrooms. And for good reason. They adversely affect learning. Despite this, the UCP and NDP both failed to prioritize meeting class size guidelines. 

The Alberta Liberals support scrapping class size guidelines in favour of Class Size Caps. These mandatory caps on class sizes, accompanied by the funding to make them a reality, ensure politicians will stop downloading problems onto teachers and students and give our children the learning environment they deserve. 

Support for Classroom Complexity 

Teaching has never been harder. Classrooms aren’t just more crowded they are more complex. Increasing numbers of students have diagnosed exceptionalities, mental health challenges, and other extra needs. Like every student, they deserve a world-class education the same as any student. Teachers need the tools to give it to them

That is why the Alberta Liberals support more funding for:

  • Hiring Teaching Assistants
  • Cognitive Testing
  • Individualized Education Plans for Students with Extra Needs
  • Expanded Mental Health Supports in Schools
  • Education Professionals with Specialized Qualifications 

Putting the “Public” Back in Public Education

Alberta Liberals believe in a strong public education system. One that gives every student as equal a chance at success as possible. But under the UCP private schools are being expanded. And too many charter schools are no longer hubs of innovation but stepping stones to private school status. 

This destructive approach from the UCP is undermining education's role as the great equalizer in our society. Our party supports prioritizing funding to public education that emphasizes equality of opportunity for all. 

Curriculum Restart

A politicized process has created a K-6 curriculum rejected by parents and teachers alike. Alberta Liberals would start from scratch or at least back up, restart the process, and let educators and parents have their say instead of politicians and their friends. 

We would also ensure future curriculum revisions aren’t turned into political tools of the government of the day. We would introduce legislation to mandate extensive parental and teacher consultation on all new curricula.


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