Earth Day 2021 Statement

Originally Published April 22, 2021

Today marks the 52nd Annual Earth Day, a time to celebrate Alberta’s tremendous natural beauty and magnificent wildlife. The day is also an opportunity to champion solutions that will help us combat climate change, restore and preserve nature and create a sustainable future. 

The appreciation Albertans have for nature was made clear by their staunch defence of the eastern slopes and rejection of open-pit coal mining. Despite this, the UCP Government seems set on a reckless agenda that ignores the dangers of climate change, threatens our agriculture and forestry industries and undermines our ability to enjoy nature.

The Alberta Liberals will continue to fight against the environmentally regressive UCP agenda. More importantly, we will continue to lead the way with the boldest environmental policies in the province. 

Highlights of our environmental policies, found in full detail in our last election platform here, include: 

  • Expanding protected areas in Alberta to 30% of the province by 2030. 
  • Funding research for green energy initiatives that will allow us to diversify our economy, lower our carbon footprint and continue Alberta’s legacy as an energy leader. 
  • Implement Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) on select products and expand electronics recycling to include small appliances and other ineligible electronics.
  • Protecting wildlife through the creation of wildlife corridors and expanded protections for species at risk. 
  • Setting water quality as the highest priority when considering any activities that affect our water sources.

If you are interested in helping us fight for a sustainable Alberta, please sign up to volunteer today. 

Our long-term health and survival depend on living sustainability and harmoniously with nature. Earth Day reminds us all that we must strengthen our commitment to preserving the environment. This is the only planet we have. Let’s take care of it together.